Worship is a response that results in a lifestyle of humble devotion to Jesus. This kind of lifestyle requires walking in grace and encouraging others to walk in their gifts.

Join us for our Community Worship Nights at The Citizen on the last Thursday of every month from 7–8 PM.

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Proceeds go to remediating a chemical bubble over the Nacogdoches water table and restoring a neglected building.

The Citizen building space is available to book!

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We exist to see people realize their full potential. This is best accomplished by focusing on individual, holistic empowerment. 

Rural communities can thrive, because a community is only as healthy as the people within it. Empowered people change communities.


We exist to see people realize their full potential. This is best accomplished by focusing on individual, holistic empowerment.
Empowered people change communities. Communities can thrive, because a community is only as healthy as the people within it.

We work within Texas communities by partnering with existing organizations to empower three key areas:



We believe that Jesus is the smartest, most intelligent human who ever walked the earth - also, He is alive today! The good life begins by submitting to Him and learning to see the world the way He sees it. He knows the problems that are occurring, and He knows how to fix them.

As devoted Jesus followers, we look for opportunities to show who He is to everyone we meet. He is the only hope of our world.  We hope to partner with Him in accomplishing those goals as fellow heirs of His kingdom and adopted children of His Father.



A person’s body is their God-given power-pack of individual ability and action; it is the way that they enact His will on the earth. If a person’s will is misaligned, the result is damage and destruction. This is why spiritual health is most important. He is the only hope of our world.

For many people, their body is not a tool for freedom but an anchor that keeps them from walking in freedom.

Our goal is to partner with people wherever they are; walking with them as they seek to reclaim their bodies for good in the world. We do this by partnering with local organizations to provide education, access, and opportunities for those who desire to be empowered Citizens.



Financial resources are similar and interconnected with the physical resources. True financial health is only achieved when a person sees the world from Jesus’ perspective; including that of financial resources and provision for His people.

For many, the real issues in the world revolve around the accumulation of wealth and the idea of financial freedom. To sum up? People are always worried about money, and Jesus sees a place where the storehouses overflow.

Our goal is to partner with people, wherever their finances find them; planning to teach and provide opportunities for Texans to steward their entrusted resources well. We will provide housing, advise local business development and start-ups, and increase job opportunities within small Texas communities. We desire to partner with Jesus and our generous Father as he seeks to pour out his abundant provisions to people, and to empower them to be who He desires them to be.





☐ Branding and Assets in place

☐ Website Developed

☐ Admittance to Remediation Program.
$45k Giving Goal. Given: $1300

☐ Repairs & Remodeling (help us accomplish these repairs)

  1. Window Frame Est. $1,500
  2. Electrical Work Est. $3,500
  3. Roof Est. $25,000-$125,000
  4. Carpet Est. $5,000-$10,000
  5. Kitchen Supplies Est. $40,000



The Citizen used as a venue

  • Consistent Worship Nights
  • Concerts
  • Commissary Kitchen Operational
  • Financial Workshops

☐ Begin determining and collecting data points for success



☐ Building is used on a continuous basis - operating to build consistent working cash-flow

☐ Begin working on initiatives planning

  • House of Prayer
  • Community Garden/Farming
  • Business Development/Incubator
  • Record Label
  • Housing
  • Financial Education



Our property was purchased with the understanding that it has significant environmental issues. You can partner with The Citizen Nac to help remediate. Click here to learn more.
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Thank you for donating to The Citizen!  The Citizen is part of the 501c3 Thrive Nation, and all donations are tax deductible.